Storage Tip #1 — Garage Storage

Do San Francisco abodes ever have enough storage space? With the answer to this rhetorical question in mind I have decided to highlight the top five creative storage solutions that I come across at open houses and brokers tours in the next two weeks.

Tip #1: Maximizing Garage Space — Look up

When looking at garages most home buyers and home owners are first and foremost focused on whether the car can fit through the door. After that, evaluating the storage capacity tends to revolve around available floor space and figuring out where storage shelves can be installed. But many overlook all the unused air space above the car. Creative home owners turn that air space into storage space.

I saw one easy upgrade in a Noe Valley garage: just install some pulleys and string/wire to the roof and suspend a storage pod of the type that attach to a car roof rack. That is what got me looking up, but what really inspired me was the more impressive garage loft I came across in Duboce Triangle. A garage loft can literally turn a one car garage into a hundred square feet or more of storage space. Even if the loft is only 3 or 4 feet high, you’ve got plenty of room to stack boxes, stash unused furniture and de-clutter the house even if you’re part pack rat like me.

It is amazing what San Franciscans do to maximize their storage space…

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