Storage Tip #2 — Wall Beds

Perhaps the most timeless example of city dwellers maximizing space is the wall bed. For most people the term conjures up the image of a Murphy Bed that folds out of an over-sized closet. Most common in turn of the century buildings, the practical characteristics are undeniable but unfortunately many fold out beds are neither aesthetically pleasing nor are they conducive to a good nights sleep.

Recently however, I have come across some great wall beds that combine modern design with luxurious sleeping. If they are done right wall beds really provide a practical way to create a multi-use room. I have seen some excellent wall beds that allow a room to work as both a bedroom/guestroom and a beautiful living and work space.

Perhaps the best example is the space designed by architect Barbara Shands for a basement suite in Noe Valley. Small on square footage, this room really works because of a wall bed solution that is striking for its simplicity, design sense and functionality.

For more information on this particular example feel free to contact Barbara directly at

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