Testimonials — The SellingSf Team

  • “Don and Stefano are remarkable Real Estate Agents. They responded to our every need with graciousness and caring, expertise and (even) humor! Besides being completely honest, dedicated, thorough, and knowledgeable, these two guys had a creative approach in showing the property in its strength. They were extremely sensitive to our wishes, and they did a tireless job showing the property! It gives me great pleasure to give Stefano and Don our highest recommendation. They were an absolute delight to work with, and I am extremely grateful to both of them for the fine work they did for us and our family.” – Galen H. Hilgard
  • “Don and Stefano are simply the best.  We have bought and sold houses with them several times and each time we were impressed with their professionalism and knowledge of the real estate market.  We recently sold our house it couldn’t have been easier!  After we moved out, we handed them the keys and they took care of the rest!  They are meticulous, timely, and most importantly kind-hearted… people you can really trust.  I cannot recommend them enough.” – Ross Stevenson
  • “Don Woolhouse and Stefano DeZerega of the Selling SF team always provide exceptional customer service and savvy market intelligence. They have bought and sold 4 houses with me, all with fantastic results. Even in a difficult market, they know how to take appropriate actions to get a home sold. They marketed aggressively, handled contingencies wisely and efficiently, communicated regularly and showed professionalism and caring in all of their actions. I hope to work with them many more times in the future!” – Judy Manza
  • “The SellingSF Team was amazing. As a first-time homebuyer, I didn’t know how anything worked. … they guided me through the entire process, from finding a great home in my price range (with awesome upside), to navigating escrow. I have already recommended them to all my friends!” –A.C.D
  • “We were very lucky to have Don and Stefano as our agents. They make an excellent team. They are incredibly personable and made us feel at ease through what could have been a very stressful experience. We had noticed that the really good properties in Noe Valley went into escrow exceedingly quickly so we thought it would be critical to hire experienced agents with a strong network of contacts in the community and they proved to be that team. They got us in to see our house before the first open house. Their strategy for making the offer helped us pre-empt other buyers. Their insights into the local banks helped us secure our loan quickly. They walked us through the inspections providing priceless advice on the actions we needed to take and negotiated skillfully with the sellers. We felt reassured throughout the whole process being backed by their excellent judgment, responsiveness to all our concerns and overall guidance. For all that we are deeply grateful.” – Mariana de Toro and Steve Jurichich
  • “The SellingSF team represented us in the recent sale of our house and we had a great experience working with them. We are so glad that we chose them as our realtors! Don and Stefano are friendly, honest and reliable. Between them they have many years of experience and are very knowledgeable about the real estate market in San Francisco. The SellingSF team provided excellent advice on how to prepare our house to show at its best. They have a large network of contacts to get the job done smoothly and efficiently. Working with a team means that there is always someone available – you basically get several realtors for the price of one so that’s a pretty good deal! Any questions we had were always answered promptly and the whole sale process turned out to be a lot less stressful than we anticipated. We highly recommend the SellingSF team to anyone who is buying or selling a house in the San Francisco Bay Area.” – Sue MacLoughlin and Richard Geraghty
  • “Don is amazing in all parts of the buying/selling experience. He truly cares about his clients much more than he does about just making a sale. He made us feel protected and cared for during a very stressful process. On the buying side, he wanted to find the RIGHT house more than he wanted just to get us to buy one. On the selling side, he knew what we wanted from the sale and was determined to set a price that would play a difficult market to our advantage. Don coordinated and guided the inspections, appraisals, and mortgage brokers to make sure the deal made it to the finish line. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” – Kearsley Higgins
  • “If it wasn’t for Stefano, we would have been overwhelmed with the purchase of our first home. With his expert guidance, we not only got the house of our dreams, but we actually enjoyed the process. With multiple bids on the property and a 3-week turnaround for escrow, it could have easily been extremely stressful on us as a couple. Instead it was smooth sailing and fun. He was always available and extremely patient with us as we navigated the paperwork and inspection process. He’s organized, smart, warm, and somehow relaxed. We would definitely work with him again!” – Suzanna Karweit
  • “I have gone through 3 houses with Don Woolhouse over the past 10 years in San Francisco. First, Don handled all the purely administrative tasks smoothly and seamlessly: dealing with pricing, marketing, agents, open houses, buyer and seller, and the banks on both sides of the deal. The great part about working with the team is that all of that was just handled. Second, selling or buying a home is an enormous life and economic decision, and there is a lot more to consider besides the listing price. It is generally attached to a major life change–marriage, divorce, raise, job loss, new baby, etc. Having someone advise you as to what you should do, given your life situation, is invaluable coaching. I have met many other customers of the SellingSF team, primarily because we have all stayed with them through the years, because trust is earned.” – Peter Thomas Magladry and Vshal Walia
  • “When I first thought about selling my property I did not know a real estate agent that I might give the listing to, and so I interviewed several agents. ‘Don Woolhouse’ was the person I felt most comfortable with, and after making my decision it didn’t take me long to figure out that my choice was right. Part of the complexity of selling my property was buying out my tenant and this was a challenge that Mr. Woolhouse knew just how to handle. And then there is his partner Stefano DeZerega who is very knowledgeable and caring. If you are looking for a real estate agent to handle the selling of your property I highly recomend Don Woolhouse and his wonderful team. – Ardine Kanights
  • “After my first phone conversation with Don, I knew I was making a good choice to go with him over the many other agents I’d been referred to. And that was just on the phone! After I met Don in person, we really felt we had a chance to buy a place in San Francisco. You just felt, ‘This guy is going to close a deal!’ And guess what? Don made things happen. But what makes Don really stand out from other agents is his personality. He’s your agent but he’s also your friend. Don makes you feel good about what you’re doing but he also lets you know his opinion. If you want the best player on your team, pick Don Woolhouse.” – Patty Kihm
  • “As newcomers to San Francisco we really appreciated Stefano’s knowledge of the city and the intricacies of the local real estate market. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and we came to really depend upon his excellent judgment and business savvy. From start to finish Stefano was always available, providing critical guidance and support. He’s a great person who we’re happy to now count as a neighbor and friend. We couldn’t be happier about our experience and would recommend Stefano without reservation.” – Jason & Alison Skalet
  • “We cannot thank Stefano enough for all his help. It was such a pleasure to work with Stefano and we really appreciate all the time and energy he invested in helping us find our first house. We will be recommending him highly to all who will listen, and hope we’ll have a chance to work together again.” – Matt & Brooke Hutchinson
  • “Stefano was both knowledgeable about SF real estate and willing to utilize the resources of his Zephyr office to guide us through a difficult short sale. Thanks to Stefano we have a great building in SF and a place to call home in the city.” – Mark & Karen Curtiss
  • “As first-time buyers, we were eager to learn about the home buying process but were slightly intimidated by realtor horror stories and hard sales pitches. Working with Stefano was a pleasure from our first introduction to closing escrow. He was always friendly, enthusiastic and energetic while maintaining a high degree of professionalism and patience. Stefano was very responsive to our questions and concerns and made us feel comfortable and secure in our agent representation. If there were any issues which required additional attention, he was quick to utilize any tools at his disposal including the internet, industry websites and the Zephyr network of peers. His life experiences as a father, teacher and volunteer advocate compel him to place clients in properties that are not only prudent investments but happy homes. His service and guidance led us to a great residence in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in SF!” – Richard Wong & David Jacobson
  • “Matt, Dylan, and I would like to thank you for helping us find our beautiful new home. You made it possible for us to be home owners in San Francisco!! As first time home buyers, you calmed our nerves by always making yourself available to us. You answered any and all of our questions time and time again and it really helped us better understand the whole house hunting process. At the beginning, you took the time to find out what we were looking for, what we wanted, our likes, dislikes, and what our deal breakers were. By spending that time with us up front, you really understood what we wanted. You always had a clear and concise list which made it so much easier for us to find the right place. One of our biggest challenges during the house hunting process was to remain motivated and focused. We don’t think we could have done that without you. During the times we got frustrated and disillusioned, you kept us motivated. You understood that this was something we really wanted and told us that with a little time and patience we would find a place to call home. We have found that home and we owe it all to you. Stefano, how can we thank you? Our son, Dylan, has felt at home ever since we moved in. To see him this happy means the world to us.” – Matt and Nicole Twyman
  • “Stefano is an exceptional agent who embraced every aspect involving the sale of our home: a complete market analysis at the outset; staying on top of sales in the area throughout the period before and during our home listing; providing sound advice and expertise with the piles of paperwork that accompany a home sale; and most importantly, making himself completely available during the entire process. The results of our sale with Stefano far exceeded our expectations. Stefano exudes confidence and knowledge when it comes to the real estate market, but one of his strongest assets is his ability to communicate effectively and relate personally to his clients and colleagues. He approaches every conversation with care, respect and positivity. Stefano is a breath of fresh air in the often crowded and stuffy room that can sometimes be the real estate market.” – Peter Brastow & Carolyn Gencarella
  • “Sitting in our beautiful new house and writing this testimonial, we can hardly believe the events of the past few months and how we wound up here. And Stefano was such an important part of the process. We had been casually looking at houses over the past year, figuring out what would work for our family. We knew Stefano casually (as our neighbor) but had not worked with him or any other realtor yet. In November we decided to get serious about the process, and we decided to work with Stefano. We were ready to start looking for real, but imagined it would be a year or so until we found something just right. Stefano spent time with us, looking at a wide variety of houses and really helping us and him to get a better idea of what we could afford and what would be a good fit for us. But we all knew that the market would be slow in December and January and we didn’t expect much to happen. Then, in December, Stefano called with interesting news – he had found a house that would be just right for our family. It wasn’t going to begin showing until January, but because it was through his agency, it was possible for us to look at it right away. Lyda walked into the house and immediately knew, this was a home our family could really live in and grow in. With Stefano’s help, we put together an offer and submitted it. Stefano was there for every step of the transaction – offer, counter offers, decisions, inspections and signings. It was an amazing and wonderful experience. Not only was he professional and helpful, but as a father he provided extra help. He was able to spend time with our son while we looked at houses, and he came over in the evenings after our son went to sleep to do all of the paperwork with us. And it worked! They accepted our offer, and we moved into the house in late January. It seemed like it was over before it had even started. We were also touched how Stefano’s commitment to community and giving back. He earmarks a portion of his commission, plus a match by Zephyr, for the charitable contribution of our choice. We eagerly recommend Stefano as a knowledgeable, supportive and wonderful agent.” – Lyda Cort and Andy Stadler
  • “Looking for a home in my view is a personal journey, an expression of self. It’s confronting how I would like to live, and, at the same time, what I can afford. Stefano will patiently let you go on your personal journey and struggle through confronting reality, and he has a wonderful acceptance of the entire process – the disappointments, the acceptance of reality, the reward embodied in making a sound decision. That’s because Stefano understands being human. He has ample emotional intelligence and genuinely enjoys working with people. And he’s extremely honest about the pros and cons of each possibility and very generous with his time. With Stefano, it isn’t just about closing the deal although he’s excellent at negotiating price and other terms. He’s extremely well informed about the real estate market and the finer touches of offering something that works for the selling party. This particular real estate search was more challenging because I was looking for a home with a partner, and we both had strong feelings about what we were willing and able to buy. The technique Stefano arrived at with us was clearly defining upfront what we both wanted. We used index cards, and we each wrote down what we could not live without. This technique worked brilliantly. Thanks to Stefano, we purchased a property in San Carlos two years ago that has met all our expectations. We are amazed when we return from vacations where we’re living. We have a gorgeous view and lots of land. The layout works well for entertaining. He did a superb job for us.” – Cynthia Bollinger
  • “I was extremely satisfied with Stefano acting as our Realtor. Stefano is personable, caring, and a man of integrity. I trust Stefano and that he has my unique goals in mind and I trust his business judgment. After my partner and I had seen numerous houses together and had all sorts of frustrating arguments, Stefano stepped in and saved the day by articulating that we were not entirely on the same page with our needs and desires as to what the property we were willing to buy together had to offer. So he sat with us while we listed the “must haves” and “would likes”, and we came up with a short but comprehensive list of requirements. With that list in hand, we re-started our home search and wasted less time on homes that would never meet our needs. Our search became so much more efficient and fun. He drove us around and we walked through dozens of homes during several afternoons. Then we found the house that met all our needs at a price we were willing to offer. And then Stefano went to work with his superlative negotiating skills. The decision about the exact price to offer and other terms was the highlight of our buying experience. With great finesse, he identified the extra terms that would seal the deal even though we were facing competing offers.We have been living here for almost two years and we continue to feel we made the right decision. Thank you, Stefano, for helping us find our home.” – Andrew Tomlinson
  • “The TIC real estate process in San Francisco can be intimidating to first-time home buyers. My husband & I had very little knowledge about the intricacies involved, until –meeting Stefano DeZerega. Greg and Emily Meyer, write this testimonial to memorialize in writing the outstanding service provided to us by Stefano DeZerega of Zephyr Realty in San Francisco, California. Shortly after meeting Stefano at an Open House he took the time to sit down with us and really listen to (and remember) our criteria. Stefano was extremely responsive right from the beginning, was very accommodating throughout the process, and he learned very quickly how to anticipate our needs. He gave great suggestions, and also listened intently and incorporated feedback accordingly. Stefano didn’t apply a one-size fits all approach to our relationship but took our own personal needs into consideration. Stefano has an intimate knowledge of the different neighborhoods in SF and its properties, as well as local restaurants and areas of interest. When it came time to make an offer, Stefano quickly provided us with comparable sales in the neighborhood and up-to date market conditions which enabled us to make our best informed decision. Stefano is also extremely knowledgeable about TIC partnerships and patiently walked us through the specifics and the offer process, in terms we could understand. Stefano never pressured us at any point, and was often at our house until late night while we were making our decisions. Moreover, we were always confident that Stefano was representing us truthfully and keeping our information confidential from competing interests. Stefano is results oriented, and always took our requests and interests into consideration. When we needed an 8pm private showing, he made it happen. If we needed a 7am, he made it happen. When we needed a Saturday appointment for our dad’s to see the place, Stefano not only arranged for it, he sat down with us afterwards for at least an hour to describe the “foreign” TIC process to them. Both dads’, who are seasoned in the real estate process remarked, afterwards, said that we were lucky to be working with someone as knowledgeable as Stefano. If we had a question or concern, we knew that if we called or emailed Stefano, we would get him live in a matter of moments. Stefano also always maintained a sense of humor even under trying circumstances. Greg and I were a bit sad when all was signed because it meant we weren’t going to be having regular contact with Stefano. Luckily he called a week or so later just to say hi and to see how the move was going, which a testament in itself to his follow is through and customer focus .We love running into Stefano and his family in Noe Valley, he is an asset to the neighborhood and to the Zephyr agency. We highly recommend, and have already recommended Stefano to our friends. The next time we’re in the real estate market, we won’t trust anyone else but Stefano DeZerega.” – Greg & Emily Meyer

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